This section hosts answers to questions that are most frequently asked by panellists. However, if you still have questions that are not answered or inadequately addressed here, please contact us via directly via our contact page.

Panel Populi is an online community platform where members get invited to participate in research, via surveys, interviews, and group discussions. The research studies conducted can cover a wide spectrum of topics from purchase behaviour to investment choices to preferred vacation destinations.

The research could be commissioned by the marketing departments of companies, media outlets, research agencies, government bodies or NGOs

We only ask for your time to diligently fill up the registration form. Membership to the panel is completely free of charge and we welcome your participation.

If you no longer wish to be a member, you can at any point delete your account. Your information will be automatically deleted from the platform, and we would no longer send you invitations. The decision to delete your account however implies that you may be forfeiting any points you have that is not up to the minimum threshold for redeeming it.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We have adopted Payment wallets (…) as our solution for panellist who want to claim their rewards in cash. Simple register and activate your payment wallet and send to your payment wallet after the cash value has surpassed the threshold. In other cases, you can claim your rewards via Gift Vouchers and Telephone cards. 

Panel Populi endeavours to treat all members’ data as strictly confidential. Members’ data are stored in encrypted database and our server is encrypted using SSL (Security Socket Layer) technology, which is an encryption protocol that helps to secure your connection to the server and communication with the platform. We would never sell or otherwise pass on your personal or contact details to third parties, so you won’t have to worry about spam.

Each of the surveys and interviews conducted via the platform are targeted at people with certain characteristics, such as age groups, gender, location, lifestyle, etc. For example, a survey about sanitary pads will only make sense for women. Likewise, a survey on wine flavours would only make sense to wine drinkers. Hence, the more data adequate you profile is, the more likely we would be able to match you with a survey that is appropriate for you and earn you more reward points. We assure you that we will treat your data with confidentiality, would not disclose your data with anyone outside the purpose for which you a specific study is conducted. 

The combined results from the survey will be used by businesses, governmental and non-governmental parastatals to make important decision about the products and services that they offer to you. For example, businesses can use your results to develop modify an existing product to meet your needs better; governmental organizations can use the results to improve on the services that they render to you. Your answers to any survey are always anonymized and reported collectively. For example, 75% of respondents say they prefer to go to bed early.

The points earned for taking part in a survey or interview can depend on number of factors such as the length of the survey, the complexity of the survey, the client for whom we are administering the survey. Longer and more complex surveys are generally rewarded better than shorter and simpler ones. Interviews and Focus Group Discussions usually attract the highest rewards.

From the payout options provided, you can choose your most preferred method to redeem your points. Reward points are redeemable by cash, phone cards or gift cards. Simply go to the Account Operations tab (by clicking on your account balance at the top of the page) and select how you wish to redeem

Ongoing surveys will be published on the general feed, and members who deem themselves eligible can attempt to participate. Panel Populi would also send invitations eligible members via email and a text message to the phone number that was provided during registration. The invitation will give details of the subject of the survey, the reward points, projected length of survey and a recommended timeframe for completion.

Yes, you can invite as many friends as you want; provided they are aged 18 and above. Panel Populi rewards you with points for each invited friend that completes at least 80& of their profile information.

The points will be credited to your account as soon as your friend completes 80% of their profile information. Please ensure to inform your friend to register through the link from the invitation email, and not by going to the homepage on their own.

The Invitations sent out are to large extent dependent on the completeness of your profile and how your profile matches the requirements of the survey or interview. For example, a survey may be interesting in males aged between 25 to 35, who own cars and travel long distances with their cars.  We recommend that you complete your profile information and keep It up to date.  This way, it will be easier to match your profile to more surveys that suit you.

The minimum payout threshold is the minimum points you ought to have earned in reward points to trigger a payout.  The minimum payout threshold is currently set at 20,000 points. Points below this value cannot be redeemed until the minimum threshold is reached.

You can use the ‘report user’ icon to report any member posting inappropriate or offensive posts. Alternatively, you notify us using the ‘Contact Us’ page to notify us immediately.

At anytime and without prior notification, Panel Populi reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a member’s account. This could happen for a number of reasons

  • When a single member is proven to have created duplicate accounts for a fraudulent or deceptive intention.
  • When a member is proven to have repeatedly made offensive and/or inappropriate posts. 
  • When a member’s account is deactivated, any points accrued to that account will be automatically lost.